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Food for Thought Anthology 

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                  ​​​​​​​              Food for Thought - Lasting Gifts
                      ©2000 Gail Pursell Elliott


 The most important gifts are not those that you can hold in your hand.  These, in their purest form, are simply an outward representation of the gifts that are the most lasting: the gifts of time, attention, thought, caring, peace of mind, true friendship, acceptance, patience, tolerance, laughter, joy, freedom of expression, companionship, insight, understanding, compassion. 

Sometimes what is really important in life becomes obscured by outer concerns. These have a tendency to make us feel poor and wanting when we are not and to pull our attention to focus on the attainment of symbols of a rich existence, which can ultimately leave us destitute if we lack perspective and balance.

Money and possessions are not in themselves important.  Only what they represent has meaning.  Note also that power, recognition, reputation, influence, control, and manipulation are not included on the list of lasting gifts.   Our real life exists elsewhere, for if those inner gifts are ignored or lacking the rest are empty icons that can symbolize ultimately not abundance, but lack. 

You are fortunate to be both rich and generous with gifts that have real value.  The rest, in the end, is truly nothing.  My wish for all of us this holiday season, is the ability to recognize, express, and appreciate the lasting gifts in our lives.

Have a Wonderful Holiday and be good to yourself.  You deserve it!

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