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All programs are based on treating people with Dignity and Respect.

         These sessions and their titles are original copyrighted material and the intellectual property of Gail Pursell Elliott.    Each program is discussed in advance and tailored for the client with outline and objectives.  If your organization needs a special program not listed, Gail will design one to meet your specific needs and group. Most are available in a variety of styles and formats, from one hour teleconferences to in person working sessions.

Communication Programs

  •  The Power of Dignity and Respect:  Insight - Awareness - Personal Power

  Dignity and Respect is a process that has to start within each of us.   This session builds self esteem and personal dignity.  

  • The Power of Dignity and Respect – Communication: The Fragile Element  

 “Communication is the most essential yet the most fragile element that impacts individual, group, and organizational effectiveness.” – Gail Pursell Elliott

 This session is great for refining customer service skills, improving employee interactions, relationships, and for anyone who works with or interacts with people.  Half day or full day session only.

  • The Power of Dignity and Respect – Civility in the Workplace

 Is your Code of Conduct lived as well as being written on paper?  This session includes small group work and dilemma discussions.  Content can be adjusted to your specific issues.    

  • Listen with Dignity and Respect

This session expands on reflective listening skills and includes facilitated role play utilizing real issues and examples provided by the participants as well as practical ideas such as Gail’s “Five Minute Policy” and Ten Tips for Trust.

  • Respectful Work Environment –  Establishing Trust

      Supervisors set the standard of conduct for their employees.  In this session, we will explore trust issues that may be occurring within your department that impact staff behavior and ultimately quality of services and performance.

  • Ten Tips for Trust –  Trust Means Freedom:  Protect it or Lose it

   This session includes factors that undermine trust and explores ten ways to establish, build, and maintain trust in human and organizational relationships. 

  • What You Need to Succeed - Interpersonal Skills and Attitudes

  The majority of new hires that fail within the first 18 months of employment do so because they lack motivational and interpersonal skills.   

  •  Crossing the Bridge to Forgiveness - Team Healing Workshop

This facilitated session begins by promoting open communication in a safe-zone environment and sharing perspectives without blame.  Small group work identifies strengths and needs of the team.  The results are developed into a plan of action and commitment based on personal ownership. Half day or Full day only.

Motivation Programs

  • You Can’t Buy Devotion:  Motivation and Morale – Connect with the Hidden Agenda   

​​Everyone operates from a ‘hidden agenda’ that’s hidden even from them! Learn how to create an environment that encourages long term motivation.  

  • Staff  Retention and Motivation – Slowing The Revolving Door

Recruiting new staff effectively is an exercise in futility if you are losing them as fast or faster than you’re recruiting them.  

  • Significance:The Over-Riding Motivator  – Footprints on the Sands of Time

 Acknowledging and incorporating significance into your approach to yourself as well as others can make an incredibly positive impact.

  • Reward and Recognition on a Limited Budget – Surface vs Substance

  Learn simple strategies for ongoing, meaningful recognition that will help you get the maximum benefit from your incentive and rewards program.

Mobbing and Bullying Programs

  • Mobbing : Emotional Abuse in the Workplace  – See It,  Stop It,  Prevent It

          Mobbing is group bullying.  The term may be new to you but you will quickly recognize the behavior.  Mobbing is a syndrome with a specific pattern.   It is a ganging up by one or more individuals to force someone out of the workplace through rumor, innuendo, intimidation, discrediting, humiliation, and wrongly portrays the targeted person as being at fault.  
    Gail is co-author of  the book “Mobbing: Emotional Abuse In the American Workplace,” the first book addressing this subject to appear in the United States.

  • Mobbing and Discrimination:  Status Blind Harassment

            Regardless of the progress made through legislation over the years, discrimination and bigotry still exist and utilize more subtle tactics to exclude perceived undesirables from groups and organizations of all kinds. Although mobbing is usually described as a status-blind form of harassment it also can be used by some to mask discrimination directed at individuals associated with those groups protected by law.

  • Mobbing Survival Skills:  To Be or Not To Be

People who are targets of a mobbing process have been thrown from what they believed was an orderly world into a state of chaos in which many points of reference are no longer valid. This confusion is going to prompt them to question all points of reference, including the ones deep inside of them.  

Leadership Development

  •  “Lock ‘N’ Load” – Mastering Change:   The Dignity and Respect Approach

The imperative phrase “lock and load” originally referred to the operation of the standard U.S. Army rifle of WWII. Its meaning is more general now, referring to preparation for any imminent event. This session includes Dignity and Respect principles, the Big Three change inhibitors, approaching change as a concept to be mastered, using inferential thinking to create new points of reference, the threat of workplace mobbing during times of change, establishing and maintaining trust. Everything Changes Except What People Want

  •   “Eye of the Hurricane":   The Dignity and Respect Approach to Managing Stress​

  Sometimes we can feel as if we’re caught in a hurricane.  But at the center of every hurricane there is something called the eye.    The purpose of this session is to help you find that calm center within you.

  •  The Final Frontier - When People Don’t “Click”:   Personal Style

How people perceive and then organize information determines the basis of how each of us responds, reacts, and interacts with others.  This is a critical factor in team interaction. This session explains how to identify perceptual and organizational styles. Concrete, Abstract, Sequential, and Global styles are reviewed.    Each is presented as a character from the original Star Trek series.  .Learn the general characteristics as well as the management styles and employee characteristics associated with each and what you can expect from each style.  

  • Supervision: People vs Things – A Primer For The Newly Promoted

          “OK, now what do I do?”   Supervision and leadership require new and different skills than the ones that put someone in a position for promotion.   This session helps new supervisors gain insight and build trust.  It explores the basics of dignity and respect leadership, motivational issues and trust principles. 

  • Go Ahead, Make My Day! - Evaluating Performance With Dignity and Respect

 Whether you use 360 evaluation programs, performance and planning conferences, or rate people on a scale from 1 – 10,  you’ll gain insight and awareness from this session.

  • We Have A Situation -  Disciplinary Action or Mentoring Opportunity?

  Most employees don’t intentionally violate policies and procedures.  No one looks forward to dealing with this type of situation but sometimes it is unavoidable.   Can a potentially uncomfortable meeting turn into a mentoring opportunity?  A dignity and respect approach might make the difference.

Heal the heart and spirit of your organization with Dignity and Respect, Insight and Awareness.
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“Dignity and Respect has to do with what you are ready, willing, and able to accept within yourself and in accepting to be able to give others. It is your personal power to make a difference by being true to the best within you and letting that truth shine through your words and actions." Gail Pursell Elliott”


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